Sharp fall down number of Singapore real estate agents

After  the government regulates the real estate industry business, the amount of real estate agents in Singapore fell, but not as much as initially feared.

Until now, the number of approved real estate agents, sales were 27,754 higher than 20,000 is expected by the owner of a registered broker on October 21, the Straits Times reported.

A week after a report of the board of Estate Agencies (CEA), a new legal opinion to the Ministry of National Development (MND) said that the 32,800 agents to meet minimum requirements for accreditation. The figure was later reduced to about 4836 candidates fail the test industry or leave the industry.

“One possible reason for reducing the number of registered sellers is that many of them part-time work and now decided to go for a greater transparency and higher industry standards, ” said CEA spokesman e-mail response to my article.

Other 210 candidates were disqualified, mainly because of their criminal record, the CEA said on Wednesday.

As of Saturday, they will cease their occupation.

voluntary accreditation program is currently agents to the industry after completing their prison.

Yet all that will change with the introduction of licensing public register of real estate companies and their agents next year.

In addition to the name of an agent on behalf of the company registration and registration numbers, other details such as the award by the CEA, the validity of the licensing and disciplinary matters in the Agency Act 2010 will be available on the website of the CEA. As of March 1, the latest photos every broker will be available.

The move comes after increasing the number of complaints against brokers.

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