Resale HDB prices still rising

Although the Cash Over Valuation (COV) is going down day by day but actually the HDB resale prices are still climbing up.

The Straits Times has obtained the new data from three biggest property agencies, overall median prices of all types of resale HDB flats increased in November, compared to the latest statistics of HDB in the third quarter last year.

This comes despite the implementation of property cooling measures by the government in late August to cool the market, which has tightened financial lending and restricted home ownership.

HDB was unable to comment on the prices of resale flats ahead of the release of its flash estimates. However, “we do see falling COV, resale volume, and a gradual slowing down of price growth,” said HDB.

“We are unable to speculate how HDB resale flat prices will move in the next quarter as other than demand and supply, they are also affected by various factors such as economic conditions and market sentiments,” it added.

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